Our Story

We specialise in personalised learning, training and coaching of individuals that want to be professional software developers, cyber security, cloud computing, mobile
computing and Business data analysis experts.

“We believe you Learn Today to Lead Tomorrow.”

Stanley, MD

Who We Are

We are a team of passionate  Industry experienced Designers, Architects, Quality Assurance & Software engineers dedicated to providing practical training in the software and tech space.

Our aim is to equip aspiring engineers with market ready technology & entrepreneurial skills  to propel their careers in the right direction.

We are driven by a shared purpose: Prepare the future generation through education, research and innovation.

Our offering is a blended – online and physical meetup – coding bootcamp program on software development designed to empower and accelerate the digital minds for the next millions.

Our Mission

To advance 10000+ minds to solve the next billion users’ needs by 2030.

Our Methodology

  • Our learning curriculum is divided into sprints. Each sprint is a week long.
  • Everyday you learn concepts in our mentor sessions or using curated quality resources.
  • Everyday you write code, build something. It usually builds up into a meaningful ‘real-life’ project.
  • There are review hours every week, where the concepts of the week are re-visited.
  • Students are required to build a good online presence. Setting up a Github account and
    committing code regularly.

What we Offer

Software Development Training

We have different tracks for software development training for adults as follow:

a) Web Development Training (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)

b) Python Programming (Introduction & Basic concepts for beginners)

c) Python FullStack (Django/Flask Frameworks, OOP, Databases, Deployment) – Advanced

d) Java FullStack (Spring/Spring Boot Framework, OOP, Databases, Deployment) – Advanced

e) Mobile Application Development (Android//React Native) Includes API & Database

f) API Development & Integration (Java/NodeJS/Python/PHP)

g)  Quality Assurance

h) Devops.


a) Microsoft Certifications.

b) Oracle/Java Certifications.

c) Amazon Certifications.

d) DevOps Certifications.

Kids Bootcamp

a) Learning code for kids between 7 – 13 years.

b) Robotics for Kids between 6 – 13 years.